10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your IT Management

10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your IT Management 

Due to increasing concerns around cybersecurity and GDPR compliance, it has become popular for companies to outsource their IT management services. There are many reasons why outsourcing your IT management could greatly benefit your company. To help you understand why you should be switch to an MSP (Managed Service Provider), we have highlighted 10 reasons that should encourage you to make the transition to outsourcing you IT in 2021

1.LOWER COSTS10 Reasons why you should outsource your IT

During the last few years, businesses have been faced with tough decisions concerning IT budgets, project prioritisation, and staffing. Additionally, many enterprises have been making do with their existing IT infrastructures for longer, in a bid to save money and delaying large investments. However, in reality, you can only delay access to new technologies for so long before it begins to harm your business. Simultaneously, setting up an IT department on-premise is a huge undertaking that requires time and resources to achieve it and make it successful. You must also employ the appropriate number of qualified professionals to oversee monitoring and maintenance and provide ongoing support. By outsourcing your IT, your company can avoid the large costs associated with having a functional IT department, without having to sacrifice service and support levels that it needs. Ongoing issues with your IT can have serious financial consequences, by introducing the services of an IT services provider, you can gain access to a vast team of resources and expertise that will help to increase profit and productivity.


10 Reasons why you should outsource your ITSmall business networks can be difficult to secure because they have become more complex and frequently have an increased number of endpoints, connections, data, and applications to monitor. Network security threats have also become more sophisticated, with more varied types of threats and more security breaches than ever before. There are also new security regulations and compliance guidelines to address, which results in higher costs. Many organisations are also employing a mobile workforce with wireless technologies, constantly changing the rules of cybersecurity. This can be a big challenge for some businesses. If a breach does occur, the loss of revenue can prove to be devastating. When outsourcing your IT management, you can be provided with trained and certified professional security expertise, without the recurring costs associated with network security. You also do not have to worry about high salaries associated with expertise, costs related to software updates, training on the latest threats, or ongoing maintenance and management.


10 Reasons why you should outsource your ITSearching for highly qualified IT staff in different niche sectors of IT can be a bit of an intimidating task, not to mention the time and high costs linked to hiring IT staff with a specialised skillset. This includes professionals with knowledge in project planning, network security, IT maintenance and monitoring, help desk support and much more. If you were to hire someone for each of these areas separately, the end cost would be completely unreasonable. Also, there’s no guarantee you would find expertise in all the required areas, including a broad range of technologies. You would also be required to budget for training costs to update skillsets as new methodologies and technologies emerge which, as we know, does not come cheap! By using an outsourced service provider, you have access to a team of expert IT professionals that can guarantee your IT system is up to date and meets your changing business needs. You also have access to around the clock support 24/7.


10 Reasons why you should outsource your ITIf your business employs a sizeable staff, maintaining all the workstations and providing desktop support can be a massive task for your internal IT team. By outsourcing your IT, you have access to 24/7 help desk support, 365 days a year while reducing internal upkeep and support costs. An outsourced services provider can provide support for your staff, without even having to be on the premise, normally via remote access, which also cuts down on disruptions to the workday. A desktop support team can be arranged as an extension of your in-house team, or they can accept total responsibility for providing support. Since they are available around the clock, your remote workers that may be in different time zones can also tap into the support services.


10 Reasons why you should outsource your ITOutsourcing IT makes it possible for smaller organisations to compete with larger enterprises. If you require IT support but cannot make it happen due to budget restraints, using a service provider is an inexpensive way to solve the problem. Maybe your company does not have the budget for deploying the latest technologies and software applications. Outsourcing your IT gives you access to the latest technologies and software without the excessive price tag. You also have access to an entire team that will customise, monitor, and maintain business applications and databases which allows you to focus on the important things- your business! Additionally, if there are services that you require on a short-term basis, some outsourced IT services provide a pay-as-you-go option that allows you to add services when you need them and subtract them when you don’t. The option for flexibility is one of many reasons that outsourced IT providers are growing in popularity.


Many companies use outsourced IT services as a hybrid to provide external support for in-house IT managers and experts. With a hybrid model, you can introduce new skills while using your existing expertise on the premises. It also allows a company to bring in specialised skills when needed to fill project team gaps where different skills your team don’t have, are required.


10 Reasons why you should outsource your ITWhen you work with an outsourced IT services provider, they have trained and certified IT professionals available to assist your business. The trained professionals can advise you on how to best modify and adopt new technologies to move your business forward, and at a lower cost. Most reputable IT solutions service providers offer a wide range of staff expertise, certified in all the primary technologies. This means they can assist your business in selecting and executing the IT solutions that are best suited to your business requirements. Outsourced IT services can help your organisation with computer upgrades, virtualisation design and implementation, network, upgrades, security assessments and solutions, cloud migration, advice on the latest cloud solutions, and more.


10 Reasons why you should outsource your ITMany organisations choose to outsource IT because it significantly improves business efficiency and productivity. Instead of having your staff running around wasting their time and energy on IT errors when they have important business-related tasks to deal with, outsourcing IT to a reputable service provider will increase efficiency as they can take over remotely and fix any issues you may have. Some of the efficiencies that are gained by outsourcing IT include streamlining daily processes to increase accuracy and productivity and providing employees with access to state-of-the-art technology which makes multitasking easier and faster. Other ways outsourcing IT is more efficient includes support for compliance concerns to ensure the organisation is staying on top of regulatory changes, as well as internal organisational changes.


An outsourced IT services provider can help your organisation to improve risk management by identifying the risks associated with an IT infrastructure. The service provider employs experts in risk management that are ready to handle issues that can surface in many different types of situations. A quality service provider will work with you to ensure all bases are covered. They also help to identify risks in advance so they can be acted upon and fixed before they become a huge problem. Many companies are constantly identifying new initiatives to keep up with current trends and to maintain growth. An outsourced IT services provider can work with you to accommodate new goals whilst maintaining control over your budget and your resources. This means that you can access the technology you need, without risking draining your budget.


10 Reasons why you should outsource your ITIn addition to cost reduction as the most appealing factor behind IT outsourcing, the other primary benefit that you stand to gain by outsourcing IT is the enhancement of internal core business functions. By outsourcing with access to the very best IT expertise, this adds important value to a business because it enables employees to focus on core initiatives that contribute to business growth and profitability. If your business is fortunate enough to have a solid in-house IT manager and IT experts, outsourcing IT will enable them to focus on core functions. This means that you can maximise the skills of the IT staff instead of them being required to be a jack of all trades, which in most business environments, tends to not work well! Outsourcing IT also helps your business to remain competitive. While your competitors are investing time and money in implementing the latest IT solutions in-house, your IT requirements are completely realised by an outsourced IT service provider. If, after reading this, you feel like your business could benefit from outsourced IT management, why not get touch with our team of experts and see what we could offer you!