Tech News Round-Up – July 2021

It’s that time of the week again; get ready for another look at this week’s tech news!  Intel warns of 2-year chip shortage Pat Gelsinger, the chief executive of Intel, says that the worst of the global chip crisis is yet to come. As we all know, 2020-2021 has seen a fall in the production of semiconductor chips, partly because of COVID-19 delaying production and poor trade […]

What’s next for wireless protection

The need and convenience of a  business WiFi network makes it an essential service for most organisations. Unfortunately, many smaller businesses lack the necessary resources and cyber skills to secure their network. This can be a big problem as an unsecured network can leave the business vulnerable to hackers who steal valuable company data or customer information.   Follow these 10 steps today to […]

Tech News Round-Up

It’s been a busy old week, so let’s talk Tech news! The Steam Deck Console Online gaming legends, Valve (the team behind the steam store) have announced that they will be releasing a portable games console that will allow you to play PC games on the go! In terms of appearance, reviewers have said that […]

Small office and home mesh systems to distribute the wireless load

We all know that over the last 12 months, the U.K. has moved from an office-based working approach to working from home model. This has meant a shift in approach to day to day business life. However, something that has slipped through the gap is security, and more importantly, what security looks like in a home or “untrusted” network.  […]