Accessibility of Owl Labs Cameras

When working from home, it can be hard to keep in touch with the rest of your team. It can be frustrating when your technology lets you down during a crucial meeting!

That’s where OWL Labs comes in.

So in terms of accessibility, how do the cameras work?

Let’s get into it!

The App

Although you don’t have to use the app, we recommend that you do! The app adds an extra level of functionality when using the camera, allowing you to control the camera and lock onto or zoom in to a particular presenter or point in the room. This is an excellent feature if you need to focus on a particular point to ensure that you take in all of the meeting information.

The app also shares information with you, giving you access to the meeting analytics data. This is particularly handy when trying to work out how much time you spend in meetings and seeing which days are your busiest, a great feature when scheduling future meetings.

If you are an iPad user, there are even more features for you to use! You can access the digital whiteboard, which lets you share notes and collaborate with other remote participants. If you are an in-room participant, you will also see the whiteboard but will not be able to edit anything.

Features like this are vital when you have a workforce that is spread far and wide. It really allows everyone to interact with each other and collaborate just as if you were all sat around one table!

Meeting Owl Pro Features

The Owl lab pro features a 360-degree camera, microphone and speaker all in one portable, stylish device.

The 360° camera captures video in full HD 1080p resolution for a high-quality view of the whole room. Remote participants can see everyone in the room in the 360° panoramic view window on their screen. They will feel as if they were present at the meeting in person and not missing anything vital.

The intelligent motion and voice-activated focus allows the system to automatically zoom in, follow, and focus on the speaker, who is shown in a split-screen and zoomed screen view. The Meeting Owl Pro shifts quickly and easily between speakers, keeping track of previous speakers. This is a great feature to have if someone on your team struggles with their hearing. Having the camera focus on the speaker can be vital, especially if many voices are talking at once!

Easy To Use

The Meeting Owl Pro is simple to use and compatible with virtually all web-based video conferencing software.

The setup is quick and easy: simply plug the USB cable into the device and your computer, open your video conferencing software, select the Meeting Owl Pro as your camera, microphone and speakers, and you are ready to go.

Compatible with both Windows 10 and macOS, it works with most web-based video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, BlueJeans etc. so you can continue using whichever software works best for your business, without having to pay out for a new subscription to a new platform.

If this sounds like a product that suits your business needs, why not talk to our team of experts today to find out more.