How it works; Oystashell

WIFI has become an intrinsic part of our day to day lives, businesses rely on it to function, and our education sector relies on it to deliver teaching and learning. With more and more units being installed in open, public places. But what can you do to protect these often expensive units from the risk of ligature, theft and vandalisation?

This is a challenge that Internetwork Media decided needed an innovative and ground-breaking solution when they introduced the Oystashell, a solution that is unrivalled in both its simplicity and complexity at the same time.

This innovative design in the form of the Oystashell offers a modern solution to a modern problem. Made from smooth 3 ml polycarbonate, which is the same material used for police riot shields, makes the Oystashell near indestructible, making it perfect for even the most challenging environments. The sleek design means that your WIFI unit is kept safe and secure- whether it’s on the wall, in the ceiling tile or located outside in the elements, the Oystashell unit is weather and fire resistant to UK standards.

The Oystashell is also unique in the fact that there is no interruption to the signal when the protective cover is on the WIFI unit; at most, there will only be a drop of 1dB, meaning that your business will not be affected by a drop in WIFI signal strength. This is unparalleled when compared to many other products in the market currently. This is true of all WIFI standards, including that of WIFI 6 (802.11ax), making the Oystashell perfect for your WIFI upgrade project.

There are currently 3 different variations of Oystashell available in 3 different colourways: Opal, clear and the custom option. If you opt for the clear version, your IT professional will be able to quickly view and check the WIFI status without having to take the unit out of its protective casing. If you were to choose the opal or custom colour option, your WIFI unit would blend seamlessly into the background, meaning there’s less risk of theft and vandalism.

When looking at the Oystashell in place, you can see the product has been designed to not intrude into your space but rather seamlessly integrate into the environment; the sleek unibody design directly contrasts the hardened access points of the past. This also allows you to continue to use the wireless vendor of your choice and not be tied down to a single vendor that offers the hardened or protect units you may have previously needed for your business.

If this sounds like a product that suits your business needs, why not talk to our team of experts today to find out more.