Data Cabling

At Internetwork, your IT is our priority

Fully equip your workspace to your needs.

Structured cabling is the core element of an IT network. A comprehensive, reliable data cable network ensures that all of your devices remain connected to one another, and to the Internet, allowing your business to operate day-to-day.

  • Moving, repairing or adding of network points.
  • We work with you to limit disruption to your operations while work is being carried out.
  • Design and installation of network infrastructure.
  • From small scale work through to large projects of several hundred data points.
  • Fully tested and mapped network, complete with detailed floor-plan.

You name it, we've cabled it!






Problems we solve:

  • Have you rearranged your office leaving certain areas short on data points?
  • Are you moving to new premises where the existing data cabling does not match your requirements?
  • Do you have several devices plugged into a mini-switch? This will slow down your network.

We can help with all of the above.