IT Upgrades

At Internetwork, your IT is our priority

Server Upgrades

At Internetwork we pride ourselves on helping businesses grow. Our aim is to provide IT support which allows you to succeed in business and expand. Internetwork act as your trusted IT adviser, offering you strategic advice to ensure you are making the most of the technology available to you. 

 We can provide additional support to internal IT teams, or act as your outsourced IT department, depending on your size and preference. Our aim is to help you grow to the point where you no longer need our assistance and can bring your IT team in-house. 

Hardware Procurement

We purchase devices on your behalf.

It can be tricky to distinguish between the many device options available to you. At Internetwork, we have years of experience in sourcing and supplying devices. By keeping ourselves up to date with the ever-changing options available, we can help you acquire the best equipment for your needs.

 Extensive research into your needs is completed before we recommend a product from our range of partner organisations.


Device Rollouts

Old PCs ready for an upgrade? Searching for a laptop replacement?

We can configure your new devices to your specification, seamlessly joining them to your network with all of your required software already installed. Your team will be able to hit the ground running with their brand-new machines.

Struggling to find the most suitable upgrade for you? Our IT purchasing team can guide you.