Your IT is our priority

Specialisation Services

Business to Business

At Internetwork we pride ourselves on helping businesses grow. Our aim is to provide IT support which allows you to succeed in business and expand. Internetwork act as your trusted IT adviser, offering you strategic advice to ensure you are making the most of the technology available to you.   We can provide additional support to internal IT teams, or act as your outsourced IT department, depending on your size and preference. Our aim is to help you grow to the point where you no longer need our assistance and can bring your IT team in-house. 


We provide a range of IT solutions, including training, IT support and managed cybersecurity to a number of healthcare organisations. In the healthcare industry, connectivity and reliability are key for providing quality care and sustaining this by remaining profitable.   Our long-standing relationships with these organisations allow us to act as a trusted advisor for all things IT.  
ICT support and supply for schools


At present, we look after the IT networks of numerous schools and education organisationsFeatures we provide include limited browsersearchingmonitoring of networks and audio-visual equipment  

Financial Services

Financial services organisations rely on their IT being effective and reliable in order to carry out their day-to-day operations and provide top quality service to their clients. We have provided consultancy, IT support and managed services to number of Northamptonshire-based financial services companies for a number of years, keeping them in touch with their customers and partners.