Managed IT Services

At Internetwork, your IT is our priority

Tailored solution, predictable investment

With managed services, you will pre-pay a set fee at the beginning of each month. This will entitle you to a range of services.

The services you will receive are outlined below in our tiered pricing structure. We will sit down with you to establish what is most important to your business.  Together, we will select an appropriate set of our services which will provide the largest benefit to you.

Our managed services cover device maintenance. Additions, moves and changes to the network are not covered and will be charged by the hour. However, as soon as an add, move or change is complete, the maintenance is covered again.

Your bespoke managed services plan will be implemented by Internetwork to proactively monitor, support and protect your network. We access your network remotely to carry out any maintenance required quickly and effectively, fixing problems before you are even aware of them. On site visits will be charged for, though with a managed service agreement you receive a discounted rate.

Support for any specialist software you use will have an influence on the final price.

Value for money is guaranteed by our first-class services, all for a predictable monthly fee.