WiFi Infrastructure

Wireless infrastructure is key, Protecting it is paramount

A well designed Wifi network will improve hybrid working

At Internetwork Media, we have extensive experience in WiFi installations.

By planning where we intend to place wireless routers strategically throughout your workplace, we can ensure full wireless Internet coverage so that your staff and business can work successfully.

With a robust wireless connection, your team can work on the go, utilising WiFi in meeting rooms and breakout areas to allow for flexible working and improved collaboration.

This is the perfect solution when you’re working with cloud-based services, such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and cloud backup services!


With more and more Wi-Fi units and associated tech being installed in open, public places, Internetwork have developed an innovative and ground-breaking solution to protect these often expensive units from the risk of ligature, theft and vandalisation.

The Oystashell offers a modern solution to a modern problem. Made from smooth 3ml polycarbonate, the Oystashell is near indestructible making it perfect for even the most challenging environments.

If this sounds like a product that suits your business needs, why not talk to our team of experts today to find out more.

Contact us today to discuss your business WIFI needs to set up a friendly and informal chat with one of our experts!

The ultimate in wireless protection

And let’s not forget that with Oystashell, our unique protective cover, you can protect high-value WiFi units in location cost-effectively! Indoors or outdoors, whatever the weather, your WIFI unit will be secure in our Oystashell covers.

Data Cabling

WiFi alone isn't enough for any premises, it needs a solid backbone, our copper and fibre cabling solutions complete the package


Physical Protective Covers - Adding an extra level of protection for your wireless network