Protect your wifi units
in high risk areas
Introducing Oystashell, the revolutionary poly-carbonate
shield for high value assets
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The Challenge

Following the installation of many Wifi points in Mental Health Hospitals throughout the UK, we are aware that Wifi Access Points need to be:

  1. In the open, on a ceiling or wall surface, so that the Wifi unit provides unobstructed access to the area it is serving.
  2. Protected from providing a ligature point or an expensive target to damage.
  3. Protected from theft, removal or disconnection.

The Solution

We present Oystashell® – a bespoke cover shield, made from 3ml polycarbonate – the material used for Police riot shields.

The Oystashell® unit is added after the Wifi unit has been suspended on its brackets and completely covers the unit, preventing any interference.

Oystashell protects your assets and is suitable for:

  1. High risk areas such as hospitals or prisons
  2. High footfall public areas such as stadia, train stations or shopping centres

The Benefits

  1. The unobtrusive design means it blends into the background reducing the likelihood of damage.
  2. Oystashell® offers minimal resistance to the Wifi carrier wave – typically a drop of only 1 dB.
  3. It features large rounded corners and a tapered design and is built to completely cover an Aruba, Meraki or Mojo Wifi unit and its mounting stand.
  4. It has airholes for cooling and is available with or without an Ethernet cable hole to allow a connecting wire from the adjacent data socket.
  5. It is a single piece of moulded polycarbonate – there are no extra pieces or joins.

Compatible with most wifi units including:

Quick and
easy to install

Oystashell® is very easy to install using four
Size 8 dome-headed hex-star security screws
and 5.5 rawl plugs, rendering the unit impenetrable
to anyone without the appropriate tools.

It can be used to cover subsequent models of
Wifi Access units, so it only needs one investment.


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Available in FIVE Colours

Oystashell is 45cm x 45cm and is available in clear or opal in several different shades including white and black, and the transparent version allows an IT technician to quickly view and check Wifi status.

The design and the material can be adapted, resized and augmented to incorporate different types of sensitive equipment.


Wifi Protection that works
  • Vandal Proof
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective protection for your wifi assets
  • Minimal resistance to wifi signal
  • Available in standard and custom colours and sizes
Great Value

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